Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Israel Meme

OK. I'm it.

I've never been to Israel. Something has always come up and although I always wanted to go in the abstract, I never got my act together. So, I guess the best I can do is give you my imaginary trip to Israel.

The Airport

I get off the plane. It will probably be pretty hectic with a lot of running around trying to figure out where to go. After going through customs or security or whatever, I am met by my father's relatives who drove down from Tzfat to meet me. They are Breslover Chassidim. There is a lot of hugging, kissing, laughing. It is a little awkward since they don't speak English, and my wife and I don't speak Hebrew (really) and so I have to do a lot of translation from Russian, the lingua franca.

Based on knowing Israelis in the US, I am sure that it will be a crazy place. My wife and I are northern types: shy, quiet, reserved.

The Kotel

I am overwhelmed with emotion. I break down and cry. I lean against the stones and try to feel G-d's presence. I pray.


I spend Shabbos in Kiryat Breslov in Tzfat. I daven with the Chassidim. I am surrounded by the hills and fields where the mystics of 500 years ago went out to welcome the Sabbath bride.

The Land

I try to see as much of the country as I can. I take in Sinai, and the Judean desert, the hills and valleys, the Jordan river. Every place is significant. Every place ties me back to the stories in the Tanach.


It is time to leave. An emotional goodbye. A million impressions that will last forever.


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