Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The most messed up, un-PC animation ever

From Japan of course... And don't start me on the mint bunny and the Busby chair!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Spam cocktail? Only in Chicago!

That's right, my peeps - we have a bartender who made a "Spam" cocktail.

Why we should fear the Chinese

You have to admit, there is a perverse logic to this quote:
"Do not be alarmed either if there should be war. It would merely mean getting people killed and we've seen people killed in war. Eliminating half of the population occurred several times in China's history. The 50 million population in the time of Emperor Wu in the Han Dynasty was reduced to 10 million by the time of the Three Kingdoms, the two Chin Dynasties and the North and South Dynasties. The war lasted for decades and intermittently for several hundred years, from the Three Kingdoms to the North and South Dynasties. The T'ang Dynasty began with a population of 20 million and did not reach 50 million until Emperor Hsuan. And Lu-shan staged a revolt and the country was divided into many states. It was not reunited until the Sung Dynasty, some 100 or 200 years later, with a population of just over 10 million.... Not very many people were killed in the two World Wars, 10 million in the first and 20 million in the second, but we had 40 million killed in one war. So, how destructive were the big swords! We have no experience in atomic war. So, how many will be killed cannot be known. The best outcome may be that only half of the population is left and the second best may be only one-third. When 900 million are left out of 2.9 billion, several five-year plans can be developed for the total elimination of capitalism and for permanent peace. It is not a bad thing". (Mao's Second Speech to the Party Congress, May 17, 1958)

New Zealand Kids stage a Dead Possum Dressup Contest

Damn kiwis... [article found here]