Monday, July 18, 2005

Ulfatey mitzrach kadima

Europe is dead. It still thinks that it has influence in the world community, but it's moment has long passed. So as Jews, why do we care about what Europeans think. We need to be forward thinking, and forward thinking means looking to the East. I think we need to make friends with India and China. This should be a polilcy of Israel and of world Jewry. Let's face it - both are extremely old civilizations that are proud of their traditions and would respect another ethnic/religious group that has also maintained a strong link to an ancient past. For the most part, the religious background of the Hindu's/Chinese does not preclude them from co-existing with the Jewish religion. Both Indians and Chinese have also been very successful in the world of business and finance. Lastly, at least from the point of view of Indians, they have been struggling against Muslim terrorism for as long as the Israelis have.