Thursday, February 23, 2012


It's funny how there is still a society of aristocrats - blue bloods who believe that they are better, more refined, more "noble" than the rest.

But the thing is, these are descendants of bloody, barbaric savages who fought their way through a crowd of other savage, brutal, homicidal maniacs to become the barons and dukes and kings.

Monday, February 13, 2012

He is Risen

Back after a long hiatus - we shall see if I have the stamina...

So this Shabbos, I walked 4 miles each way through the snow and the 10 degree temps to a Reform synagogue to celebrate an old friend's child's bar mitzvah.

It is a temple where many years ago we were members. I hadn't set foot there in 13 years. it was odd to come back. All the things that were familiar to me long ago now feel very foreign.

I didn't daven there. As I understand it, there are Orthodox piskei din that one is not allowed to be inside Reform/Conservative shuls at all, but I thought that it was a reasonable compromise to attend but not daven there. It felt weird to just sit there while the rest of the temple was praying. I am sure they all thought that I was totally secular. Inside my head though it was hard not to say the prayers to myself or to hum the familiar melodies.