Thursday, November 10, 2005

Divine Revelation

I used to pray that G-d would reveal himself to me. Some have called this "The atheist's prayer". But there is something rational about it. We don't need proof that the material world exists; we just experience it. What is wrong with wanting to "sensually" experience G-d? How much doubt, suffering, anger would this resolve! No more arguments about the existence of G-d. No more arguing about what G-d really wants, whose religion is right.

But about a month ago I had another thought. What would I do if G-d actually revealed Himself to me personally? I couldn't take it. I'd probably go nuts. I don't think that I am a strong enough human being to survive such a revelation. So I recant my original desires. I don't want a personal revelation, but I still pray for a communal one. I guess this is another way of praying for the arrival of M'shiach. And maybe it makes this "religious atheist" a good Jew.

Gut Shabbos!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

G-d wants us to have free choice and if we easily saw Him then there wouldn't be much choice but to believe. Also, I heard that the more we choose to believe, the more He reveals himself to us because we already chose to believe.

November 17, 2005 4:27 PM  

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