Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Getting Banned from a Blog

About a week back I got banned from this blog for putting a comment on a post that the owner thought was inappropriate. My comment was deleted, and a very strongly worded comment was put up by the owner. I was called "a piece of work", my commentary was "vile" and "chillul Hashem".

I sent an email to the owner saying that I think she misunderstood my intent (although I can see in retrospect how this could have happened). I also asked that she either leave my post and her follow up, or delete them both so people have the ability to judge the discussion for themselves. She never replied, and things are still unchanged.

I am surprised that a week later, I am still bothered by this turn of events. So a little introspection yields the following reasons for my agitation:

Although I am fairly anonymous, I do have an online identity and I don't want to be labeled something which I feel I am not. Already, another blogger followed up on that thread mentioning my post, but I am guessing only assuming what it said, since it got deleted pretty quickly. Also, it seems like if you're going to open a post up for comments, deleting ones you don't like seems wrong, unless it's profanity, hate-mail, spam, etc...

On the plus side, I have recently stumbled across a bunch of blogs that are discussing very intellectually stimulating topics. I hope to spend some time there and sort out some of my thoughts, and hopefully not get banned again :)


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