Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Itamar was a Mossad inside job

The Itamar murders of course rattled my psyche... I was reading some Russian Israeli reports on how this is reported in the Arab mainstream media. It seems like initially, the reports were very minimalist. For example, they would say that "five settlers were killed", without reporting that three of them were children.

As the photos and other details began to leak out even into the Arab media, the responses on the various forums hosted by the Arabic media sites varied. A few were outraged - "God, why the children? This is horrible" posted one commenter. However, many became convinced that this could not have been done by Muslims and had to be Mossad, in order to blame and provoke the Palestinians. One commenter posted "The Koran prohibits the murder of women and children. The goal of this crime is to make the Palestinians appear guilty".

This of course on the heels of the Mossad bringing down the twin towers and releasing man eating sharks into the Red Sea...


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