Friday, July 10, 2009

Everything but the Gerbil

In response to my previous post about trans-nasal insertions, BOTH asks - "Are there any special insights that you would like to share?"

I'd like to bring to his attention another type of self inflicted predicament that thankfully I have never had to seek medical attention for. I quote from "Everything but the Gerbil":

The healthy mind naturally struggles to accept the reality of the retained RFO, and the visual evidence accompanying Dr. David W. Munter's e-medicine article, "Foreign Bodies, Rectum" (, may raise more question than answers. The X-ray reveals a lower torso — the outline of a lower spine, hip and pelvic bones — along with what is best explained by the image's caption: "The patient attempted self-removal [of vibrator] with a pair of salad tongs, which also became lodged, resulting in two rectal foreign bodies. Multiple attempts at self-removal are typical in patients with rectal foreign bodies." The image, stupid as it may be, is immortalized, but could it really be called typical?
In a 1986 Surgery magazine report, Drs. David B. Busch and James R. Starling tabulated the RFO's that had been referenced in scholarly works. They found 182 cases. According to their research, the most popular object to emerge was a bottle, cleaning up with thirty-three entries (one with attached rope). Running a respectable second were vibrators, at twenty-three mentions, followed by the vibrator's cousin, the dildo, with fifteen. The last object to achieve double-digit status was the stick/broom handle, with a perfect ten. The remaining melange included virtually everything except a rodent (the gerbil story, according to the journals, is, in fact, myth): a frozen pig's tail, a kangaroo tumor, pool cue ball, snuff box, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, including a plantain (with condom). Perhaps Mark Twain said it best: "Man is the only animal who blushes. Or needs to."


Blogger The back of the hill said...

Good thing I just finished lunch. Otherwise I would've been spewing half-masticated mass all over my keyboard.

Seriously. A colleague on the other side of the wall opined that I sounded like I needed to be committed. So I forwarded her the link..... and can now hear her snickering evilly on her side of the wall.

We should be hearing chortles from the customer service person soon. Thank heavens none of her calls resemble the ..., errm ...., situations. Yes, that's it. Situations.

July 15, 2009 2:02 PM  

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