Friday, July 24, 2009

About Jews

500 thousand Jews fought in the Soviet Army in WWII. 200 thousand were killed, among them my grandfather. Yet almost immediately, the Russians accused Jews of running away and not fighting.

A poem by Boris Slutsky, a veteran of WWII (translation mine):

About Jews

Jews don't plant bread,
Jews peddle in their shops,
Jews go bald early,
Jews steal a lot.

Jews are daring people,
They make poor soldiers:
Ivan fights in the trenches,
Avram trades in the co-op.

I heard this since my childhood,
Soon I will be grey completely,
Yet I can't seem to escape them,
The cries - "The Jews! The Jews!"

Having never peddled,
Having never stolen,
Like a disease inside me,
I carry this damned race.

The bullets all missed me,
So that they could say truthfully,
"Jews never got killed!
They all came back alive!"


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