Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Holy Prepuce

DovBear has a post about a pregnancy segulah of Eating a Foreskin of a Newborn,upon which BOTH left a comment about Jesus' foreskin. This brought to mind the general history of the Holy Prepuce (Money quote from Wikipedia article - "Most of the Holy Prepuces were lost or destroyed during the Reformation and the French Revolution.")

And let's not forget the theological debate of whether such a foreskin could even be found on Earth. You see, there was a school of belief that said since Jesus was resurrected bodily after his death, and Jesus was perfection himself, his foreskin had to have risen (no pun intended) as well. Opposing this thesis was a group of theologians who said that the discarded foreskin was no different than clipped fingernails or hair...

And lastly, here is a bit of stumbled upon knowledge that I was not familiar with:
The modern, peri'ah style of circumcision did not become the standard mode until around the time of the revolt led by Simon bar Kokhba in AD 132–135, whereas the style of circumcision practised by Jews in Judea prior to bar Kokhba removed only the 'tip' of the foreskin, not all of it.
Wow, talk about going the extra mile - I wonder what happened during this time that made guys go from "Just take a little off the top" to "Give me a full buzz"?


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