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A baptised Jew is like a pardoned thief

So there's a bit of a brouhaha brewing in the russian livejournals that I enjoy reading once in a while. Apparently some Russian Orthodox lady put up a post with a story about a church meeting which had a jewish character advising the missionaries on how to make them more effective.

Then these two frum Jewish ladies called her an anti-semite and a bitch, and then a religious but progressive daati type and an apikorus accused the frum ladies of not having a sense of humor which resulted in a pretty impressive response of cursing from the frum ladies towards the critiquing parties.

At this point, the original offender got involved in the secondary fray and proved to all parties that she is indeed a dyed in the wool anti-semite, in the proud tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church.

What's wild is that this lady is convinced that Orthodox rabbis are involved in planting Jewish converts to Christianity into the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church in order to essentially destabilize it, or more accurately corrupt it from its original mission. Like she says "Christian form, but Jewish content". The title of this post is another of her favorite expressions.

What's kinda interesting about this theory to me is that it is essentially a rehashing of the story in Toledoth Yeshua:
[After the death of Jesus]The erring followers amongst Israel said: "You have slain the Messiah of the Lord." The Israelites answered: "You have believed in a false prophet." There was endless strife and discord for thirty years.

The Sages desired to separate from Israel those who continued to claim Yeshu as the Messiah, and they called upon a greatly learned man, Simeon Kepha, for help. Simeon went to Antioch, main city of the Nazarenes and proclaimed to them: "I am the disciple of Yeshu. He has sent me to show you the way. I will give you a sign as Yeshu has done."

Simeon, having gained the secret of the Ineffable Name, healed a leper and a lame man by means of it and thus found acceptance as a true disciple. He told them that Yeshu was in heaven, at the right hand of his Father, in fulfillment of Psalm 110:1. He added that Yeshu desired that they separate themselves from the Jews and no longer follow their practices, as Isaiah had said, "Your new moons and your feasts my soul abhorreth." They were now to observe the first day of the week instead of the seventh, the Resurrection instead of the Passover, the Ascension into Heaven instead of the Feast of Weeks, the finding of the Cross instead of the New Year, the Feast of the Circumcision instead of the Day of Atonement, the New Year instead of Chanukah; they were to be indifferent with regard to circumcision and the dietary laws. Also they were to follow the teaching of turning the right if smitten on the left and the meek acceptance of suffering. All these new ordinances which Simeon Kepha (or Peter, as he was known to the Nazarenes) taught them were really meant to separate these Nazarenes from the people of Israel and to bring the internal strife to an end.

So Simon Peter the Apostle was really planted by Chazal to convince the Jewish Christians to stop practicing Judaism altogether.


Blogger Miri said...

Truly fascinating. In the course on the end of the second Temple era I'm now taking, the emphasis on Christianity is that it was just one of a hundred other random religous sects wandering around the area and misinterpreting Judaism according to modern mainstream Orthodoxy; that is, of course, until Paul. I love the idea of it all being part of the greater Jewish conspiracy.
Btw; "The miracle working powers of Jesus are attributed to having stolen the Name of God from the Temple.[7] "
Reminds me of that guy who supposedly stole fire from the gods and brought it down to mankind...I tried to find the exact story but failed....

February 07, 2008 1:34 AM  

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