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The Tail Wagging the Rebbe

LubabNoMore writes:
All kidding aside, I honestly think it would take a order from The Rebbe, in person, to abuse them of the notion that he will rise from the grave. (A tape of The Rebbe saying as much at a previous event wouldn't do. It would be too easy to explain away.)

I don't know why but it reminds me of the old article from the Onion: Christ Converts to Islam.
The controversial retraction of two millennia of Christian doctrine has provoked strongly divided reaction. Millions of devout Christians, insisting that obeisance to Christ's commands is the cornerstone of their faith, have heeded His instructions and converted to Islam. Millions more, however, have decried the recalcitrant Christ's apostasy, breaking ties with Him and calling His conversion "a heathen act" of "utmost blasphemy before Himself."

"Jesus, or Isa Shabazz, or whatever He's calling Himself these days, is the way, the truth and the light. It says so in the Bible," said devout Catholic Kathleen Langan of Cork, Ireland, kneeling toward Mecca for the first time. "My loyalty to Him is absolute. If He told me to be a Buddhist, I'd do it. All praise and thanks to Allah."

Ruth-Anne Girolamo, a Sunday school teacher in Stillwater, OK, disagreed. "I've been a Bible-believing Christian all my life, and nothing, not even a direct order from Christ Himself, is going to change that," Girolamo said. "If Christ is going to leave the fold and become a sinner, we'll just have to go on worshipping Him against His will."


Blogger The back of the hill said...

"If Christ is going to leave the fold and become a sinner, we'll just have to go on worshipping Him against His will."

Hee hee.

Now that reminds me of something.....

Rabbi Eliezer said: 'If the halachah agrees with me, let it be proved by Heaven!' Whereupon a bas kol cried out: "Why do you argue with Rabbi Eliezer, seeing that in all matters the halachah agrees with him!"
But Rabbi Joshua arose and retorted: "It is not in heaven!"
What did he mean by this? — Per Rabbi Yeremiyah: "That the Torah had already been given at Mount Sinai; (and) we pay no attention to a heavenly voice, because long ago (it was written) in the Torah at Mount Sinai, that one must incline according to the majority."

Rabbi Nosson met Eliyahu and asked him: What did the Holy One, Blessed be He, do in that hour? — He laughed and he replied, saying, "My sons have defeated me, My sons have defeated me."

Rabbeinu showed us that Torah and Halacha are not in heaven, we need no oracle to divine our laws (see Devarim 30:11-12).

But on the other hand, a dispute which is not for the sake of heaven will not endure........

November 02, 2007 4:50 PM  
Blogger Lubab No More said...

That is a classic Onion article. I think they may be right too!
(Thanks for the link.)

November 03, 2007 2:56 PM  

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