Thursday, July 19, 2007


Saw a survivor yesterday in Bagel Country. He was there with his wife and looks like some friends/relatives from out of town. The tattoo jumped out at me, surprised me with its presence. I guess you're supposed to just ignore it when you see it. Not much of a conversation piece. His name is Eli, btw, - I peeked at his credit card.

Its been a few years since I last saw a tattoo. Caught a glimpse of it on the forearm of one of the guys who used to work at the Kaboff deli in Northbrook. Always joking around among themselves as they sliced the orders. Razzing one another, telling dirty jokes... Regular guys.

Before that, the baal korei at the Northbrook shul. The guy could barely walk up to the bimah. Grew up secular in Poland. Wound up in Palestine after the camps. Learned to speak Hebrew there. Moved to the States some time ago and decided to learn how to layn.

Every picture tells a story, don't it...


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