Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The rise of Khomeini is our fault

Quotations from an article on the web by a Sunni religious scholar (I assume) denouncing the Ayatollah Khomeini. Of course, he blames the rise of Khomeini, and actually the entire rise of Shi'ite Islam on space aliens. Oh wait, not aliens, my mistake. On Jews.

For those not interested in the whole megillah (which you can find here but I don't want to link to it), some pithy quotes:

The dissidence over the new doctrine persisted among the Shiites, but was overshadowed by the massive support which Khomeini's revolution received from all the parties who resented the Shah and his rule, coupled with the American Zionist lobby and the active Jewish propaganda which portrayed Khomeini as a mythical hero. As a result, the Muslim youth were captivated by the glitter of this revolution.


The Jews masterminded and initiated Shiism through Abdullah bin Saba', the Jew who laid down the cornerstone of this false religion. The contemporary Jews, with the influence they enjoy in America, have found the opportunity to establish their rule in Palestine more peacefully, to divide the Muslim world, and to replace its faith with Shiism whose adherents have been their allies throughout the history. Therefore they have contributed generously to the establishment of the Shiite state.