Friday, February 27, 2015

“In homosexual sex you know exactly what the other person is feeling, so you are identifying with the other person completely. In heterosexual sex you have no idea what the other person is feeling.”
-William S Burroughs
I think there is a fallacy among human beings that just because we have certain physical and mental characteristics in common, we can unerstand how another human being feels and thinks.  I am pretty much convined that it is not so.  I believe human belings can be grouped along certain dimensions, and people in the same group have a better chance of understanding each other.
I cannot understand people who lie.  It's not I've never resorted to lying, but for me it is something that I force myself to do if necessary.  And it drains me emotionally and physically.  But it seems to me that it really comes naturally to many people, and they enjoy it.  Furthermore, there is a group of people, who when they discovered someone has lied to them, seem to take it in stride.  Which I guess makes sense.  If they are liers as well, they understand that it's just part of doing business.  It IS the human condition for them.


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