Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who needs fiction?

She is the daughter of playboy Brian Lennard, who founded Sacha Shoes, and actress Marilyn Galsworthy, whose mother was one of the original Dior and Chanel models. Lennard has two sisters, Pandora (b. 1988) and Jessica (b. 1983) - named by their mother after three of their father's mistresses: "a tribute to those who didn't make it".

Lennard was brought up in Belgravia, Bel Air and the Cote d'Azur. The sisters were picked up from school every day in a Rolls-Royce, and had access to five houses equipped with butlers, nannies and cooks. However, her father reportedly lost the family fortune on the gaming tables and left them penniless, at which stage her parents divorced. Jessica now works for the Linklaters law firm in Paris, and Pandora still lives with her mother in Fulham. Pandora is assistant fashion editor of Tank magazine.

Lennard was reportedly the reason a London based New York hedge fund banker spent £36,000 in one night on drinks at the Aviva bar in Kensington's five-star Baglioni Hotel, and left a £3,000 tip. The banker had reportedly made £3M on one deal that day, and was so infatuated with Lennard on the night of the "Revolver" premier, he kept sending her over bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. Eventually he put his Black American Express card behind the bar, and said: "The drinks are on me!" Customers put away 851 cocktails - with a combined price tag alone of £5,959; and in the end the bar ran out of Cristal magnums and had to move on to the normal-sized bottles. Lennard said: "I was very flattered to be receiving so much attention... Even though the guy was very sweet, it was not quite enough to make me leave my boyfriend. Maybe he could try diamonds next time."

Jasmine Lennard


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