Monday, March 03, 2008

Proving one's Jewishness - the sequel

Some time ago I had a short post about the difficulty of proving one's Jewishness. It looks like I was somewhat prophetic...


Blogger -suitepotato- said...

What's been bugging me is not so much the intra-ashkenizim nonsense but the quietly building inter ashkenazim-sephardim schismatics. I feel a dangerous juncture coming as a result of all this that could drive a stake through the heart of Israel more damaging than any foreign invader or weapon.

Meanwhile, over here in America, were every congregation to take this up in discussion, I think they'd take serious offense that the rabbinate in Israel is daring to write them off. As once pointed out, schismaticism tends to eventually eat its own just like the Night of the Long Knives with the Nazi brownshirts. Now even Orthodox rabbis and congregations are being told they can't be trusted with their own affairs.

Next it will be Chabad, Breslov, and other Chasidim. Then all of Chasidism. Then Charedi groups here will be told they must kneel before Charedi in Israel which will not go over well considering the theological implications of bowing before people who may or may not be aiding and abetting a chilul HaShem by living in Israel before Moshiach shows up and produces proof of descent from David and says, "okay, G-d says you can have Israel back now officially."

It will do nothing but cause backbiting and backstabbing and horrid feelings. It heads in the direction of medieval Catholicism's intramural purges. Heck it goes towards the very early Christendom's wars and pogroms (met any Gnostics lately?).

The people need to lead the leaders and do it now.

March 03, 2008 12:54 PM  

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