Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From the Instruction of Kheti to Merikare

Trying to do some of my own research based on Cassuto's book.

Interesting fragment - notion of subduing the water monster, man being the image of god, god breathing life into man...

hymn to the creator-god (P130 - P138)

284 Well tended is mankind - the cattle of the god : (P130-131)
285 he made sky and earth for their sake,
286 he subdued the water monster,
287 he made breath for their noses to live.
288 They are his images, who came from his body.
289 He shines in the sky for their sake.
290 He made for them plants and cattle,
291 fowl and fish to feed them.
292 He slew his foes, reduced his children,
293 when they thought of making rebellion.
294 He makes daylight for their sake,
295 he sails by to see them.
296 He has built his shrine around them,
297 when they weep he hears.


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