Monday, March 26, 2007

God - no myth?

The one thing that strikes me as unique about the Torah is the fact that it tells us almost nothing about God. Compare this to pretty much any other ancient culture where the actions of the gods are described in elaborate details - the myths of Osiris and Isis, the Sumerian myths, the Greeks...

In some ways God is almost a supporting actor in the Torah. Why is this? Some argue that this was not the case - that echoes of this mythology exist in the Tanach, in Genesis mostly, then in Isaiah, in Tehillim. If this is true, was it actively expunged from the Torah?

Symantics can be confusing. Midrashim are certainly part of the Jewish Oral Tradition - but is all their content handed down word by word from the revelation at Sinai? If so, then the myths that are missing from the Torah are alive and well in the Midrash where all of a sudden, the stories about God become very similar sounding to some of these other myths. Or maybe that's just how it sounds to me...


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